T'ai Chi Step One - Course Curriculum
"This is the class you've been looking for!" - Marie Lew, Instructor
1. Learn a complete classic Chen style "small frame." Chen style t'ai chi is a root form, having given rise to many other styles.
2. Develop balance, coordination, strength and flexibility.
3. Learn specific movements and breathing techniques to activate and balance the flow of energy within your body.
4. Ease stress, improve health, increase vitality.
5. Develop techniques of concentration and focus.

T'ai Chi Step One offers both short-term and long-term benefits. Each hour class includes warm-ups and breathing exercises followed by
step-by-step learning of this classic form. The art of energy balancing is precisely conveyed, including individual adaptations and applications.

T'ai Chi Step One students practice informally in city parks during the summer months. These practices are open to the public.
Valuable experience is gained in these group practices, with the added benefits of exercising in the fresh air that the natural settings the parks provide.
To register: contact Marie Lew --- mlew@neo.rr.com