Learn T'ai Chi Step-By-Step At Your Own Pace
Demonstrated by Marie Saulino Lew - Instructional Video, ISBN #0-9658681-0-9 - VHS/52 minutes
Complete classic Chen small frame, also known as Chen Qingping's Zhaobao frame, a pivotal set in the history of taijiquan. Demonstration and step-by-step instruction for "learning at your own pace." Front, side and rear views. Stop-frame, repetition and review of movements. Commemorates the teaching of D.Y. Lew, student of Y.C. Pan, student of Chen Fake.

Demonstration and step-by-step instruction of a complete classic Chen "small frame." Front and rear views with window inserts provide easy to follow all-round perspective. Harmonious blend of balance and coordination. Soothing, uplifting and informative.
"Well done video...especially easy to follow." - China Books & Periodicals, Inc.
"We have reviewed the video, T'ai Chi Step One...and are very pleased with it." - Internal Arts Co.
"Pure grace!"
"Well done!"
"Easy to follow."
"A beautiful tribute to her teacher."