"In Youngstown, Ohio since 1990, in the tradition of D. Y. Lew, pioneer teacher of Chen style in the United States since 1973."
Mission Statement:

The mission of T'ai Chi Step One® is to develop a growing body of practitioners proficient in this classic Chinese art of energy balancing. Chen style t'ai chi is not just for senior citizens! It is an exceptionally versatile and dynamic art with a full spectrum of practical applications. Our mission is to popularize this root form of the art so that growing numbers of people may experience the many health benefits associated with t'ai chi practice.
What We Do:

We conduct Spring, Fall and Special Sessions of T'ai Chi Step One®, at various venues throughout the Mahoning Valley. Courses are designed to fit the hosting entity, large or small. Each class includes warm-ups and breathing exercises followed by step-by-step instruction of the t'ai chi form. Courses may be designed to teach the complete form over a series of classes, or a portion of the form. During the summer months, students practice informally in city parks, enjoying the benefits of exercising in fresh air and natural surroundings. T'ai Chi Step One® has participated in health fairs,cultural arts programs and community oriented wellness events in the area since1990. Occasionally, we are asked to conduct special sessions at local health facilities, schools or other venues. To assist learning, we have produced the step-by-step instructional videotape T'ai Chi Step One®.
For more information: contact Marie Lew mlew@neo.rr.com P.O. Box 2233
Youngstown, Ohio 44504
(330) 746-5933